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Kozhikode District is a district of Kerala state, situated on the southwest coast of India. The city of Kozhikode, also known as Calicut, is the district headquarters. The district is 38.25% urbanised. Kozhikode district is situated on the south west coast of India. The district is bounded on the north by Kannur district, on the east by Wynad district, on the south by Malappuram district and on the west by the Arabian sea. All the three taluks are spreaded over the three regions. The district has a coastal length of about 80 kms. The highland region accounts for 26.80 per cent and the lowland region for 15.55 per cent of the total area of the district.

Kozhikode is also called by the name of Calicut as from calico, which is a hand woven cloth that has its origins there. World famous explorer Vasco De Gama set foot on Indian soil on Kappad Beach for the first time. During Classical antiquity and the Middle Ages, Calicut was dubbed the "City of Spices" for its role as the major trading point of eastern spices. Kozhikode was once the capital of an independent kingdom of the same name and later of the erstwhile Malabar District.KozhiKode is filled with cultural opportunities, historically significant places and Indian foods that you can taste. Especially the Sweet Street is a nice shopping center where you can shop and eat sweets at the same time.The name Mithai Theruvu or SM Street comes from the sweet Kozhikode Halwa which was often called as Sweetmeat by European traders.

The district has a generally humid climate with a very hot season extending from March to May. The rainy season is during the South West Monsoon, which sets in the first week of June and extends up to September.

The centuries of trade across the Indian Ocean has given Kozhikode a cosmopolitan population. Hindus constitute the majority of the population, followed by the Mopillas or Muslims and the Christians. The Muslims of Kozhikode District are known as Mappilas. Kozhikode city itself has many temples, the most important of which are the Tali Temple, Thiruvannur Temple, Azhakodi Temple, Sree Valayanad Temple, Varakkal Temple, Bilathikulam Temple, Bhairagi Madam Temple, the Lokanarkavu Temple in Memunda near Vadakara, The Sidda Samajam, Sree Muthappan Payamkuty Mala, in Memunda, Sandbanks Vatakara.

Kozhikode was the most important region of Malabar in the days gone by. Today, lush green countrysides, serene beaches, historic sites, wildlife sanutaries, rivers, hills, a unique culture and a warm, friendly ambience make Kozhikode a popular destination. There is an art gallery and Krishna Menon Museum located at East Hill in Kozhikode. Lalitha Kala Academy also has an art gallery adjacent to the Kozhikode town hall. There is a planetarium, situated in the heart of the city near Jaffer Khan Colony. Kozhikode Beach and Mananchira Square and the recently developed Sarovaram park are other popular gathering spots.Thusharagiri Falls, a very beautiful Waterfall is about 55 km from Calicut Railway Station. Thusharagiri is served by a KTDC (Kerala Tourism Development Corporation) hotel.

By Air The Kozhikode airport is at Karipur,about 23kms.from the town.
By Rail Kozhikode is well connected by road.
By Road The district has good road network.

Places of visit
Kappad beach
Vasco Da Gama the famous Portughese traveller alighted four centuries back, in search of the land of fantasy - India. Beach accommodation at Kappad Beach Resort.

Dolphin's Point
In the early hours of the morning dolphins playing in the sea can been seen. The beach, 2 km from Calicut town centre is popular with the local people because of the Lions Club park, the Light House and the two piers - and, of course, the opportunity to enjoy in the evening breeze.

Pazhassirajah Museum
Located at East Hill, the Pazhassirajah Museum, run by the State Archaeological Department, displays ancient mural paintings, antique bronzes and old coins as well as models of temples, megalithic monuments like dolmonoid cysts and the umbrella stones.

Thacholi Manikkoth
A Kalari belonging to Thacholi Othenan, the legendary hero of the ballad of Malabar called "Vadakkan Pattu" can be seen at a short distance from Vadakara. A monument and Kalari still exists at this place which is 3 kms away from Vadakara. Every year martial arts festival is held in the month of March or April. There is a ruined fort in the town. Vadakara was the scene of many exploits of Thacholi Othenan, the hero of the ballads of north malabar. A cattle fair is also held during February at Vadakara.

Art Gallery
Situated next to the Pazhassirajah Museum, the Art Gallery contains paintings of Raja Ravi Varma.

Krishna Menon Museum
The Krishna Menon Museum has a section in honour of the great Indian leader V.K Krishna Menon.Krishna Menon Museum situated at East Hill is five km by bus from the Railway station / city bus station. Lying adjacent to pazhassi raja Museum, a store house of knowledge.

Kallai , once the the largest trading centre in Asia was a bustling nerve point of Calicut's timber trade .Today, though some business does take place, hard times have fallen on the timber trade and Kallai is just a shadow of its past.

A commercial centre of martial arts, Kalaripayattu, Badagara, 48 km from Calicut is also the birthplace of Thacholi Othenan, whose heroic deeds have been immortalised in the ballads of North Malabar.

11 kms from Kozhikode, is a small coastal town known for centuries as a ship building centre and still famous for its country crafts called "Uru" which are built by the traditional shipbuilders known as Khalasis. Tippu Sultan named the town "Sultan Pattanam" .It is one of the imporatant ports of Kerala and naturally an important trading centre. Beypore is still a favourite destination among the Arabs for buying of large boats.It is a major fishing harbour of kerala.

Tellicherry and Sultan Bathery
98 km away, are important trading centres of Calicut. The road from Calicut to Sultan's Bathery, though full of steep climbs and hairpin curves, offers a breath taking scenic drive. From Sultan's Bathery it is only six hours to Bangalore.

Kozhicode Beach
Two crumbling piers, more than hundred years old stand out into sea at Kozhikode Beach pondering the glorious trade witnessed in yester years.The Beach is easily accessible from city and is ,best for enjoying sunset.

True to its very name , land and water have struck an extraordinary kinship at this destination. The three water falls in the backdrop of lush green forest is exhilarating and dumbfounding for every visitor. This natural beauty spot exists 11 kms from Kodenchery which is abound in plantations of rubber, aracanut, coconut, pepper, ginger, and spices of all sort. This destination provides ample opportunities for young and old alike and challenging time for adventurers. Best season to visit is from October to March. more

A dam site of unique beauty and abundant wild life,Kakkayam is situated 45 kms. from Kozhikode. The oorakuzhi water falls and dam site are places of interest. Direct buses limited from calicut city. no accommodation facility available.
Kakkayam offers a Muscle flexing and challenging trekking and rock climbing through river path.

The dam site ,60 kms. from Kozhikode girdled with mountains is an abode of beauty, calm & serenity. Cruise in a speed boat or leisurely walk through thick foliage. . Places of interest are the dam site, Crocodile farm, bird sanctuary and facility for boating.

Velleri Mala
A beautiful location for trekking. The trekking starts from a water fall and pass through lush green forest. Overnight stay in tented accommodations is required, as it is not safe to trek at night. On the top of the hill it is so chill that warm clothes are required. Can be reached from Thiruvambadi.

The palace tank of King Mana Vikrama is now turned into a traditional architectural splendour, with carpeted green grass, and surrounded by Kerala style buildings. The musical fountain within the maidan (open ground) has become a local favourite.

Malabar House Boats
For luxury boating and exploring pristine back waters of Kozhikode, House Boats can be availed. The novel concept and excellent hospitality in this floating palace is worth enjoying, with family and friends. These are the first fully newly built House Boats of Kerala. These are stationed at Purakkattiri, close to Purakkattiri Bridge on Ullery - Perambra road. 10 kms. from Kozhikode.

Kadalundi Bird Sanctury
The sanctury at Kadalundi is a Haven for migratory birds. Terns, Gulls, Herons, Sand pipers, Whimbrels and other such migratory birds flock from the month of November and returns only by the end of April. It is 25 kms. from Kozhikode. The ideal season to visit is from December to April in the early hours of the day.

S. M. Street
Sweet Meat Street is the busiest shopping area at Kozhikode City. All shops are opened till 9.00 pm. The name is derived as a result of the presence of numerous sweet meat stalls.

A massive rock "Velliyamkallu" associated with the valiant Kunhali Marakkar is situated 13 kms. off Payyoli Beach. The rock though much dreaded by navigators was a safe ground for the Marakar to attack the invading Portuguese. The fisher folk looks at it with awe and fear. However., it is worth exploring the beautiful figures that nature has engraved on it. It was on this rock that Marakars killed the whole crew of a ship belonging to the Portuguese.

Crocodile farm
The Forest Dept. is maintaining a crocodile farm at Peruvannamuzhy near the dam site.There is a Forest Complex, by name Vanasree, at Mathottom in Beypore panchayat just 5kms. away from the city which accommodates the Regional Divisional & Range Offices.

Pookot Lake

With its own dream-like serenity, this natural fresh water lake surrounded by meadows and trees on all sides is a haven for peace-loving travellers. It is located half way from Calicut half an hour ahead of Kalpetta.

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